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Group Take Out and Catering Menu

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Thank you for considering Johnny Cascone’s for your Group Take Out needs. During this dining out uncertainty we have chosen to modify our menu, and help make it more economically sound for our guests. We apologize if we have taken a favorite item off at this time. It is due to the minimum orders required of products sent to us.

We will have your Group Take Out order ready for pickup at the restaurant or will make arrangements to have your catering order delivered to your home or office.

We ask for 24 hours and use either in-house staff or service. There is a charge for all deliveries and that charge is based on distance. We will also gladly make arrangements to provide servers should you have a need. Hourly charges apply with a minimum of 3 hours.


Johnny Cascone's

Italian Restaurant - Overland Park

To place an order call us at 913-381-6837